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Sheet Metal T-14 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-14 7024

The metal sheet in a beautiful black color is likely to make your competitors sit up and take notice.  CLM Steel Roofing prides itself on using only the best quality European grade steel for fashioning the superior range of T-14 metal sheets. They are perfect for being utilized by the agricultural, commercial, and industrial and public sector buildings. Not too happy about the color or size? No issues we will customize the sheets in accordance with your requirement. The only thing you have to do is ask our team for assistance or place your queries; we will provide you with the answers thus clearing all your doubts.  

Sheet Metal T-14 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-14 8004

This orange T-14 sheet metal looks beautiful for any project. This orange comes in a variety of sizes depending on your needs. "T-14" gained its popularity as a roofing material among big contractors, for being useful to complete complex roof structures with the smallest cost. Call us today for more info on this highly durable sheet metal.  

Sheet Metal T-14 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-14 6020

This green T-14 sheet metal is available in a variety of sizes. It really stands out and would look great for any project. Typical features of the T-14 profile are ease of installation and lightness of the material, combined with a durable steel core.   Contact us today with any questions you may have and we'll be more than happy to help!

Sheet Metal T-14 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-14 3011

The classic red colored metal sheet of the T-14 range is definitely an attractive addition for your structure. It is also the perfect sheet that can be installed without any trouble and is extremely durable making it last for years without requiring repairs. CLM Steel Roofing brings the top quality metal sheets for your use that has been manufactured meticulously with European graded steel. The sheets come highly recommended by the experts and can support the industrial, agricultural, and public structures perfectly. The T-14 range of metal sheets is known for its easy installation features along with durability and lightness.

Sheet Metal T-8 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-8 8017

T-8 sheeting made out of metal come to you in royal purple now! You might settle for a darker shade, if this hue is not to your liking. This form of sheeting has passed inspection and comes highly recommended by experts. It can be added to the exterior walls of storage facilities as well as industrial buildings that are located outside the main area of operation. You are welcome to get all doubts cleared by contacting us.

Sheet Metal T-8 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-8 8019

This metal sheeting comes in a dark purple hue. It is considered to be totally apt as an exterior façade for many different structures including barns, farm houses and industrial outbuildings. It comes highly recommended as well and is available in an amazing variety of colors. The sheetings can be bought in a number of sizes too.  

Sheet Metal T-8 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-8 7024

The T-8 metal sheets in a subdued gray color can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the exterior facades. It is available in a wide variety of colors as well as sizes to suit your requirement. You also get the benefit of sourcing it in glossy and matte finishes. So, do take your pick and use it or replacing the old, existing façade of your structure. You are welcome to buy it for a brand new upcoming structure as well. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us

Sheet Metal T-8 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-8 8004

The vibrant orange metal sheeting can definitely catch attentions, no matter where it has been fitted. The brilliant color stands out spectacularly and is convenient when used as an outer façade for construction of sheds, barns and other storage structures. It can also be used on industrial outbuildings conveniently.

Sheet Metal T-8 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-8 6020

The verdant green metal sheets can help to enhance the curb appeal of an area. Moreover, the metal sheets can be perfect when used as an exterior covering for storage facilities as well as industrial buildings that are located outside the operational area. We can help you to make an informed choice by sharing our knowledge with you while you get to choose the right color of T-8 metal sheets that have stood the test of time.

Sheet Metal T-8 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-8 3011

The dark red colored metal sheet can definitely help you to grab eyeballs for your project. Made out of galvanized steel, the T-8 metal sheets can be fitted easily without any damage. Its durability makes it a popular choice as well. We also have other colors in stock apart from red giving you the freedom to choose as you please. We also have our qualified and trained staff standing by to assist you at every juncture. Please contact us. We are more than happy to help.

Sheet Metal T-8 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-8 3005

You just cannot go wrong by installing a T-8 metal sheeting in brilliant red and shines and sparkles alluringly. The sheets happen to be extremely durable and come with a coating of polymer that makes it long lasting and simple to fit. The sheets are particularly coveted for use on the outside of building structures and are one of the most popular products available today. Do not feel hesitant about contacting us for help with the purchase

Sheet Metal T-57 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-57 9005

Grab the opportunity to attract attention by choosing to install the jet black sheet metal over your roof. It is sure to give you an edge over your competitors while you get to reap the benefits of using a durable and eco friendly material that fulfills your purpose admirably. The sheet metal belonging to the T-57 range is perfect for all kinds of roofs. Give us a call to obtain more information. We have our team standing by to help you out.

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