Benefits of a Metal Roof

We are known for the usage of top quality products. Colorfel developed by voestalpine can withstand all kinds of stress without compelling you to go beyond your budget. We also ensure that no harm befalls the environment by the use of our products.

Longevity and Durability

The life of a metal roof is considered to be most important. A metal roof should be good for at least 40 to 70 years. Metal roofs are known for their durability and far exceed the longevity of the classic asphalt roofs. Taking note of the corrosion and UV resistance happens to be all important as these are the primary factors that can keep the roof rust free without affecting the coloration.

Maintenance and life cycle cost

The cost of maintaining a metal roof is quite low as you would not have to think about cleaning the eaves & troughs due to a buildup of the residues. The roofs neither get corroded nor crack easily due to the high impact resistance that is again dependent on the kind of metal used. You do not have to shell out an exorbitant sum for maintenance therefore contrary to the slate, tile or wooden roofs.


Metal roofs are deemed to be completely safe as they are not prone to catch fire after being hit by a shaft of lightening or from a wildfire. Moreover, the cover atop the home is much lighter that is indeed beneficial in the thick of winter when snow accumulates on the roof top.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs are known to reflect at least 70% of the solar heat thus keeping the energy costs down. Moreover, we, at CLM Toronto Steel Roofing make sure to add a double layer of strapping between the metallic layers as well as the deck. This results in increased ventilation that can go a long way in reducing the energy consumption by an additional 10% to 25%.

Environmentally friendly

CLM Toronto Steel Roofing is dedicated to keeping our planet green. All our products happen to be recyclable so that no hazardous substance can end up polluting the landfills and adding more carbon footprints to the atmosphere. Furthermore, Colorfel by voestalpine uses green alternatives of chromium and chromates thus making the products totally compliant with the environmental norms.