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Retro Metal Shingles Edmonton

CLM Steel Roofing’s retro range of roofing products includes a warranty for 50 years. This alone is sure to decide on its quality. Although, the style of these products does resemble the Mediterranean architectural products of yesteryear it can blend in convincingly with the modern homes of today as well. It has come to become one of the most coveted roofing products available at present. It is a durable product that also happens to be extremely lightweight and simple to install without encountering any problems. Perfect for both new as well as old building structures, the retro metal shingle stand out from the other roofing materials due to numerous benefits that come with it.

Retro METAL Shingles

Retro METAL Shingles 9005

Experts recommend using the classic, shining black retro metal shingles on your roof. It happens to be perfect for all weather conditions and will improve the appearance of your home throughout the year. The retro range of roofing products from CLM Steel Roofing has no contenders due to its advantages. It is definitely lightweight and easy to fix thus fulfilling the requirements of the customer greatly. Its convenient size makes it doubly beneficial while the enviable durability as well as the quick installation options makes it the chosen one for all homes, whether old or new. Do not miss out on installing the Retro line of steel products. Call us ASAP!  We have our technicians standing by!     Contact us to schedule an appointment for installation. Our operators are standing by!

Retro METAL Shingles

Retro METAL Shingles 8017

Experience how the royalty lived by installing this wonderful purple retro metal shingle over your humble home. Its popularity has far exceeded our expectations due to the defining design that has stood the test of time. It does not look out of place ever whether you choose to install it over an old styled house or a most modern and elegant one. Installing it becomes a breeze when you have a retro fit product handy. Its durability along with a convenient size and of course the ‘simple to fit’ property has made it an undisputed leader of roofing solutions. Reach us over phone and you will find us prompt in assisting you at every turn, providing you with the right roofing.

Retro METAL Shingles

Retro METAL Shingles 8019

Go all out to spruce up your home by opting for the deepest purple retro metal shingles. This is definitely the color that is coveted by many home owners, especially those who want to get the best of everything. The retro range certainly offers an easy to fit option apart from lasting for years without the need for repairs. Do not feel disheartened if purple is not your favorite hue, we have an amazing variety of colors to choose from so go ahead and select the one that excites you. Feeling uncertain? No issues! We are here to help you at every juncture. All you need to do is contact us!

Retro METAL Shingles

Retro METAL Shingles 7024

Give wings to your dreams by going for the chic grey colored retro shingles. It is a hue that defines class and would be perfect on your home regardless of whether it happens to be ultra modern one or reminds one of the traditional architecture. The quality of the retro line has no parallel either as its immense popularity bears proof of that. You would be amazed to find it come with a manufacturer’s warranty lasting a whopping 50 years. However, the elegant shape as well as its construction makes it difficult to bypass. The end result is sure to grab eyeballs; that too in a big way.    

Retro METAL Shingles

Retro METAL Shingles 8004

The retro product line of metal shingles is definitely hard to duplicate let alone excel. We have full faith in our product that is why we do not mind offering a manufacturer’s warranty that spans half a century. The construction of the shingles is unsurpassed by our competitors with its popularity being enhanced due to ease of installation. The shape is sure to remind you of the Mediterranean architecture that can be utilized to create a whole new look that will captivate one and all. The manageable size and convenience of installation makes the retro range of metal shingles a must have for every single house. When used as a replacement roof, the retro shingles, its durability makes our clients depend on it without a single doubt. Moreover, it is simple to fit in thus making the entire process speedier and manageable at the same time.

Retro METAL Shingles

Retro METAL Shingles 6020

The classic green retro metal shingles is definite to capture the attention from afar. The color is in keeping with the verdant countryside seen in spring and summer months making it totally effective to blend in with the colors of nature. That is not the only thing that will have you excited about choosing retro fit shingles though. You are sure to rejoice at its lightness and easy installation option that will help you to select wisely when the time comes to complete the retro fit ventures especially when you are keen to replace the old, worn out roof.    

Retro METAL Shingles

Retro METAL Shingles 3011

This classic red retro style shingles will suit any home and can be installed relatively quickly. Our operators are standing by to help you pick the shingles best for your home! When choosing a roofing material for both new structures and old, the "Retro" range is a durable, easy to install option, that is hard to beat.

Retro METAL Shingles

Retro METAL Shingles 3005

Red is the color of life. It is also the most favored color of retro metal shingles. Not only does the sight of red on the top of a building looks fascinating but it is totally in keeping with the environment as well. It matches nature perfectly while not allowing you to have trouble with installation. No issues if you are not too fond of the bright red hue and hope for something more neutral. We have a huge variety to choose from too. So go ahead and select the hue that motivates you along with the shape that will make your roof stand apart from the others in the neighborhood. Its durability and flexibility leaves no room for errors in installation either. The manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years that comes with the retro line of metal shingles is sure to convince you of the quality. The shapes of the shingles along with its build is sure to remind you of the Mediterranean architecture that can look wonderful over your home, no matter whether it follows the old school of architecture or is an ultra modern construction.