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T-35 sheet metal is a fantastic solution for those who are looking to upgrade their large roof area such as warehouses, industrial facilities as well as commercial facilities.

We boast a great selection from European steel manufacturers including a wide range of colours.  Thanks to its strong durability, corrosion resistance, and polymeric coating the T-35 is a very popular choice of sheet metal.

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 8017

The purple colored sheet metal is a great way of enhancing your building. It grabs the attention instantly and enhances the aesthetic appeal. It also happens to be perfect for all kinds of roofing projects. Get in touch with us for satisfying your queries pertaining to the use of sheet metals for your roofing needs. Trained technicians from our team are awaiting your call.

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 8019

We also have the dark purple colored sheet metal in stock at present. However, we can match your desire by providing you with a variety of exciting colors as well as finishes when it comes to obtaining the right sheet metal for your project. The T-35 range is totally apt for all kinds of roofing needs as it comes to you with a superior European steel finish. CLM’s products have attained an unprecedented popularity due to its quality and aesthetic appeal. Be sure to ask us the questions you have in mind. We will be happy to clarify your doubts.

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 7024

The classic gray color stands apart from the other sheet metals in an exemplary manner. Indeed it has pleased both the users as well as the builders greatly on account of its aesthetic appeal. However, it is also hugely functional and can protect any kind of structure from the elements of nature. Feel free to contact us for more information about our products. We will be happy to help.

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 8004

The orange hue blends with the surroundings perfectly enhancing the curb appeal of an area. It is no wonder therefore that the builders aspire to obtain the orange colored sheet metal for their commercial projects. However, the T-35 range works beautifully for industrial and warehouse construction as well. In short, it is the best sheet for building structures with a large roof surface. You are welcome to contact us for further clarification.  

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 6020

Featuring a polymeric coasting and the ability to resist corrosion, this green T-35 sheet metal comes highly recommended.

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 3011

This is a sheet metal of the T-35 range that showcases the lovely dark red color to perfection. The hue is suitable for all seasons and is in great demand for diverse roofing projects. The contractors do not tire of ordering this particular type of sheet metal time and again. We have a team of trained and experienced technicians at hand to solve all your roofing problems. Just place a call for reaching us directly.

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 3005

The subdued shade of red works perfectly for a number of roofing projects! The European grade steel finishes brought to you by CLM is the right way to ensure the functionality and enhance the appearance of a building regardless of its purpose. The roofing contractors are therefore eager to source this sheet metal in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Call to order the best quality sheet metal and increase the valuation of your project.

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 9005

There is nothing more apt than the beautiful black colored sheet metal when it comes to enhancing the appeal of your roofing projects. The polymeric coating on the sheet helps to increase its durability while keeping it resistant to rusting. In short, you get to assure the longevity of your building by choosing the T-35 range of sheet metals. Go for the black and make a huge difference. Call us to satisfy your queries instantly!