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The metal sheets belonging to the T-18 range are in a class of its own. They are highly popular and always in vogue. It can be used for varied purposes especially restoration of building owing to its specific shape. Replacing facades of buildings both residential as well as industrial can be done flawlessly courtesy this type of metal sheets.

It features a special polymer coating as well that makes the sheet resistant to corrosion even in humid and wet conditions. Its durability also makes it the most suited material for construction of garages, fences as well as gates.

Sheet Metal T-18 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-18 8017

The purple hue makes this particular sheet metal stand out from afar. While it is appeals to the aesthetic senses, the material has a lot of praiseworthy features too. It comes with a polymer coating that makes the sheet exceptionally durable and resistant to corrosion no matter how harsh the climatic conditions seem to be. You are free to get in touch with us with your queries. Our team of technicians is on a standby to provide you with the answers thus clarifying all your doubts instantly.

Sheet Metal T-18 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-18 8019

The metal sheets available in a dark purple color are always in great demand. Although, it is most pleasing to the eye, yet the functionality of this range of sheets cant be ignored altogether. For one, the metal sheets are doubly durable, lasting for a number of years without requiring repairs or replacement. Moreover, its polymer coating makes it capable of withstanding the most severe climatic conditions without showing any evidence of rusting or corrosion.

Sheet Metal T-18 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-18 7024

The gray color goes well with the environment throughout the year. It is therefore highly popular for construction of buildings and restoration work by both residents and industrial workers. It also comes with a superior coat of polymer that makes it intensely durable and totally resistant to corrosion regardless of the weather conditions in the concerned area.

Sheet Metal T-18 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-18 8004

The beautiful orange color of the T-18 sheet metal makes it an alluring addition to all kinds of fences, gates and garages. The shape is totally apt for construction projects as well as restoration work. It is also the chosen material for replacing the exterior façade of buildings. The polymer coating over the base metal makes it hardy and able to withstand the vagaries of nature without showing a hint of rust.

Sheet Metal T-18 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-18 6020

This green sheet metal is vibrant and can turn any project that uses it into something that will really stand out.  Please contact us to see our wide variety of sizes and colours and we will be sure to find the custom sheet metal that will fit your needs.

Sheet Metal T-18 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-18 3011

The intensely dark red colored sheet metal makes the structure stand out most enticingly. It is also available in multiple sizes and in classic shape that makes it highly popular for replacement of outer façade. It is used extensively on gates, garages and fences with the polymer coating over it enhancing its durability as well as preventing rust formation even during unfriendly weather conditions.

Sheet Metal T-18 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-18 3005

Red is a color that is visible from afar. Likewise, the red sheet metal of range T-18 is suitable for all kinds of restoration projects and highly popular as a material for constructing garages, gates and fences. It comes with a polymeric coat that makes it able to remain functional for long years without showing wear and tear. However, the sheet metal retains its popularity due to its anti corrosive nature thus making it perfect for all seasons.  

Sheet Metal T-18 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-18 9005

The black colored sheet metal lends it a classic look. It can remain in tune with the surroundings and blend in with the environment easily. However, the polymeric coating over the metal makes it extremely advantageous to use because of its durability and anti corrosion property. You are welcome to inquire about our products. We carry the T-18 range in all possible colors and sizes thus taking care of your needs regardless of the complexities.