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Metal roofing is a comparatively new entrant in North America. However, it has been used and appreciated for long across Europe for a long time. It has been the first item of choice due to its durability and lasting effects by residents, commercial establishments and industrial facilities.

Choosing a roofing material is not an easy task, however. One must consider certain factors such as strength, cost effectiveness and the impact on environment at the same time. CLM Steel Roofing has the Hestia Range on offer that is an excellent product, meeting all of the above mentioned criteria.

The range can also be bought in a number of colors along with different kinds of coatings that blends perfectly with the surroundings without necessitating additional upkeep costs or causing distress during inclement weather conditions.

Hestia METAL Shingles Edmonton

Hestia METAL Shingles 8017

The brown colored shingles by Hestia look apt for all kinds of roofs. The beautiful neutral hue compliments your house, no matter what type it happens to be. CLM Steel Roofing brings you the superior Hestia range of products manufactured out of steel that is durable and cost effective. They do not impact the environment adversely either. Available in numerous colors with an equal number of coating options, the Hestia range of products blend in with the environment completely. There is no need of additional upkeep though with the products being able to withstand the alterations of temperature and climatic conditions adeptly as well.

Hestia METAL Shingles Edmonton

Hestia METAL Shingles 8019

This particular product is available in a solid grey color that can be put up on the house at any time of the year regardless of the weather conditions. They are most pleasing aesthetically and can add to the curb appeal considerably as well. Despite being in high demand, we at CLM Steel Roofing would be able to help you out by setting up an appointment for you once we receive your call.

Hestia METAL Shingles Edmonton

Hestia METAL Shingles 7024

We would be most pleased to install the grey Hestia shingles for you as per your convenience and requirement. The age of the house does not matter in the least for we would be pleased to add the shingles both to a new home or one that has been erected years earlier. Choosing the right roofing shingles is certainly not easy for you. You would have to consider its durability as well as the cost along with the impact on the environment.  CLM Steel Roofing makes sure to meet all criteria via its quality Hestia range of roofing products made out of steel. Each of the aforementioned factors are important and we ensure that there are no loopholes in our products. Go ahead and get the best for your roof by scheduling an appointment.

Hestia METAL Shingles Edmonton

Hestia METAL Shingles 8004

This product is sure to dazzle one and all by its brilliant orange hue. It has proved to be highly popular therefore. However, you do not have to stick with a particular color while choosing the Hestia roofing shingles. We have a wide variety within our inventory and request you to select one that suits your purpose fully. The metal roofing solutions are no doubt a new entrant to North America but it has remained in vogue for long years across Europe. Its durability has made it the Numero Uno choice as a responsible roofing product that can stand the test of time. It has been installed on residential homes, public and commercial buildings as well as industrial facilities for years with the customers finding no reason for complaint.      

Hestia METAL Shingles Edmonton

Hestia METAL Shingles 3011

This wonderfully attractive magenta colored product belonging to the Hestia range of roofing solutions can be customized to suit your requirement totally. It can be installed on all kinds of roofs no matter how different the size or shape might differ from the conventional ones. This product range is also available in a number of colors with a wide variety of options for coatings allowing it to be in harmony with the environment. Moreover, it can also resist the alterations in temperature and the climatic conditions throughout the year without requiring any kind of extra maintenance. Your demand for installation will be met by our skilled technicians immediately. Try us!

Hestia METAL Shingles Edmonton

Hestia METAL Shingles 6020

CLM Steel Roofing is mindful about matching the tastes of its customers. This Hestia product comes to you in a pleasing shade of green that is totally apt for the summer months. The durability of the steel roofing product remains unparalleled with the warm, soothing color notching up its demand. However, this is not the only hue in CLM’s repertoire that boasts of all the hues of the rainbow. There are matching coating options available as well that helps the roof to blend in with the environment suitably. The metal roofing shingles of the Hestia range need no additional maintenance, being able to resist the changes in temperature and climate effectively.

Hestia METAL Shingles Edmonton

Hestia METAL Shingles 3005

Red is the color of life and love! You will find the most vibrant shade of red in the Hestia metal shingles as well. Do use it to grab attention in a big way and install it when the time comes to upgrade your home. You would certainly have no complaints. However, we, at CLM Steel Roofing happen to be sensitive to your needs and will be happy to provide you with a number of color and coating options if you are not too sure of going with the bright red hue. You do not have to worry about maintenance costs once you get it installed for you would not have to incur any additional expense. In fact, you would be greatly pleased to find it blend completely with the environment and totally resistant to the temperature and climatic variations. CLM Steel Roofing will always keep your roofing needs at the forefront!

Hestia METAL Shingles Edmonton

Hestia METAL Shingles 9005

Black is indeed beautiful! Nowhere is it more emphasized than your roof that has the superior Hestia metal roofing installed perfectly. Completely apt for the summer months the black blends in with the environment without any untoward effects. The Hestia range of metal roofing shingles come to you in a huge variety of coating & color options thereby allowing you to pick and choose as per your necessity. However, its inherent property of being able to resist the temperature changes and battle with inclement weather makes it stand miles apart from CLM’s competitors.