Benefits of Metal Roofing for Canadian Climate

Winter weather can understandably be a big concern for homeowners. After all, the typical homeowner spends anywhere from 1% to 5% of their home’s value on maintenance and repairs every year. Winterize your home easily with a metal roof. In addition to its longevity, metal roofing lasts much longer than most roofing materials. Today’s metal roofing is available in various shapes, sizes, and textures that resemble traditional roofing materials and it also comes in pre-formed panels. Steel, aluminum, copper, and even stainless steel roofing systems are available. 

If you’re in the market for a new roof, you might be questioning the type of roof that will work best for you and your home or building. So, if you’re wondering what are some of the key advantages of metal roofing and cold weather? Let’s find out.


Metal roofing is especially strong and durable. Unlike shingle roofs, which can warp and buckle with water damage and collapse under the weight of snow, metal roofs hold up under far more pressure and are virtually immune to water damage when properly installed. Metal roofing is so durable and sheds snow so easily that it usually doesn’t even need to be cleared, but if you do need to rake snow, you don’t have to worry about pulling off shingles or causing other damage. Metal roofs can also be installed with snow shields that prevent large chunks of snow and ice from falling off all at once, and others can include roof heaters, which melt snow and ice that lands on the roof quickly.  

Energy Saver

Depending on the manufacturer roofing materials can aid in reducing your home’s energy consumption. Some manufacturers have formulated these materials with sunlight deflection and solar heating properties. In a study conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, researchers found up to 25 percent reduction in cooling costs. Researches found a 45 percent decrease in the flow of heat with the metal roof, mostly attributable to the ventilation above the sheathing. 

Year-round Installation

Some roofing materials are not suitable for installation during winter, but metal is different. Winterize your home in the winter? Yes, you can with metal roofing. After shoveling the snow and staging the installation, your professional installers will quickly install the roof without compromising the overall quality. Because metal panels do not bend, break, or crack in harsh cold temperatures, they are ideal for installation in the winter.

Low Maintenance

Your roof can last up to 40-70 years, depending on the material. Traditional asphalt roofing materials have an estimated life expectancy of roughly 12-20 years.

Don’t worry about damage from water, fire, or harsh winter weather. Enjoy decades of warmth, durability, and protection. In fact, most homeowners never have to install a roof again in their lifetime! Enjoy priceless security for a lifetime.

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