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Retro METAL Shingles

Retro METAL Shingles 6020

The classic green retro metal shingles is definite to capture the attention from afar. The color is in keeping with the verdant countryside seen in spring and summer months making it totally effective to blend in with the colors of nature. That is not the only thing that will have you excited about choosing retro fit shingles though. You are sure to rejoice at its lightness and easy installation option that will help you to select wisely when the time comes to complete the retro fit ventures especially when you are keen to replace the old, worn out roof.    

Retro METAL Shingles

Retro METAL Shingles 3011

This classic red retro style shingles will suit any home and can be installed relatively quickly. Our operators are standing by to help you pick the shingles best for your home! When choosing a roofing material for both new structures and old, the "Retro" range is a durable, easy to install option, that is hard to beat.

Retro METAL Shingles

Retro METAL Shingles 3005

Red is the color of life. It is also the most favored color of retro metal shingles. Not only does the sight of red on the top of a building looks fascinating but it is totally in keeping with the environment as well. It matches nature perfectly while not allowing you to have trouble with installation. No issues if you are not too fond of the bright red hue and hope for something more neutral. We have a huge variety to choose from too. So go ahead and select the hue that motivates you along with the shape that will make your roof stand apart from the others in the neighborhood. Its durability and flexibility leaves no room for errors in installation either. The manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years that comes with the retro line of metal shingles is sure to convince you of the quality. The shapes of the shingles along with its build is sure to remind you of the Mediterranean architecture that can look wonderful over your home, no matter whether it follows the old school of architecture or is an ultra modern construction.



The use of screws cannot be avoided when you are intent on installing a new sheet metal or metallic shingles on your roof. Trust CLM Steel Roofing to come up with the perfect screws that happen to be an ideal replacement for nails. Each screw comes fitted with a gasket for sealing that helps in tight fastening and avoids seepage of water inside.



The sealers that we offer to our clients are most durable and get to protect the roof throughout the year regardless of the weather. Your roof will therefore sustain no damage from the natural elements. However, these products will also allow the roof to breathe thus enabling air to pass through. Call us today for more details!


Snow catchers

We also provide excellent snow catchers that can hold the falling snow and icy materials from your rooftop. It is totally apt for all kinds of buildings and will protect your premises as well as the individuals below. The snow catchers are an absolute necessity during the chilly winters especially in regions that witness copious amounts of snow fall each year. Our items are supported by a superior warranty as well.


Curtain strips

We offer a range of curtain strips that are available in various specifications to meet the variegated needs of our clients. These are used to control the temperature loss and spread of airborne pollutants, dust spray, fumes & noise

Sill protection strips that prevent your door sills from receiving damage or scratches. Highly durable and will be good for years to come. Contact us today to place an order!


Windscreen strips

These strips keep your roof as well as the windows of your building totally insulated. Feel free to install them along the edges so that no wind, rain or hail gets across. Do not hesitate to contact us should you require additional information.


Skate strips

We also source highly effective quality skate strips in a variety of sizes. You are welcome to order them in unlimited numbers as long as they are in stock. Using the strips on walkways is imperative as it helps to prevent the instances of skidding over the flat and smooth surface. Call us now to ensure getting the strips immediately.

Metal Siding Panels Edmonton

Metal Siding Panels black

Black is a classic color that looks mesmerizing regardless of the structure it is mounted on. So, do go ahead and install the beautiful black metal siding without further ado. It’s smooth finish, anti-corrosive property and elegant shape is sure to earn accolades from one and all. No worries! You can opt for other alternatives if you are not too keep on using black. We stock the sidings in every color imaginable. Call us for an appointment and have the product installed by our team of professionals.

Sheet Metal T-57 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-57 9005

Grab the opportunity to attract attention by choosing to install the jet black sheet metal over your roof. It is sure to give you an edge over your competitors while you get to reap the benefits of using a durable and eco friendly material that fulfills your purpose admirably. The sheet metal belonging to the T-57 range is perfect for all kinds of roofs. Give us a call to obtain more information. We have our team standing by to help you out.