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Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 9005

There is nothing more apt than the beautiful black colored sheet metal when it comes to enhancing the appeal of your roofing projects. The polymeric coating on the sheet helps to increase its durability while keeping it resistant to rusting. In short, you get to assure the longevity of your building by choosing the T-35 range of sheet metals. Go for the black and make a huge difference. Call us to satisfy your queries instantly!

Sheet Metal T-18 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-18 9005

The black colored sheet metal lends it a classic look. It can remain in tune with the surroundings and blend in with the environment easily. However, the polymeric coating over the metal makes it extremely advantageous to use because of its durability and anti corrosion property. You are welcome to inquire about our products. We carry the T-18 range in all possible colors and sizes thus taking care of your needs regardless of the complexities.

Sheet Metal T-14 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-14 3005

The pale red hue of this particular metal sheet is intensely popular. It is sold in a wide variety of sizes and you are sure to find one fitting your needs. It can be installed easily enough regardless of the complexity of the structure. The sheet also happens to be lightweight and is exceedingly durable that has been accentuated by the steel core at its center. We have an entire team of trained and experienced staff awaiting your order. They would be glad to install it professionally on your behalf. Do get in touch with us and have an appointment scheduled as per your convenience.

Sheet Metal T-8 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-8 9005

The intense black metal sheet comes to you as a durable and simple to install product. It is fashioned out of galvanized steel and comes with a polymer coating making it one of the most superior products available today. Commonly used to enhance the external façade of a storage building and industrial outbuildings, it has been out sold many times. Contact us immediately for obtaining answers to the queries that you may have.

Hestia METAL Shingles Edmonton

Hestia METAL Shingles 9005

Black is indeed beautiful! Nowhere is it more emphasized than your roof that has the superior Hestia metal roofing installed perfectly. Completely apt for the summer months the black blends in with the environment without any untoward effects. The Hestia range of metal roofing shingles come to you in a huge variety of coating & color options thereby allowing you to pick and choose as per your necessity. However, its inherent property of being able to resist the temperature changes and battle with inclement weather makes it stand miles apart from CLM’s competitors.

Olymp METAL Shingles Edmonton

Olymp METAL Shingles 9005

Black is beautiful! You can showcase this sentiment perfectly by fitting the brilliant black modular metal shingles on your roof. Your home will stand out for miles making all eyes swing towards it thanks to the ergonomic shingles measuring 1.190m x 0.720 m. However, the best part of using this easy-to-install modular shingles is its almost zero wastage features that make it highly desirable and totally apt for the environment. In fact, you will find it to be the best product in comparison to the others that have been used traditionally.