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Sheet Metal Installation and Replacement Edmonton

Sheet metal is mainly used as a roofing material for the large roof spans common in hangars and production shops.

Thanks to its weight-bearing ability, Sheet metal can be mounted in a fully horizontal position, which offers an unmatched level of versatility, and can be used for roofs with little or no pitch.

Sheet metal also comes with a Manufacturer’s warranty, dependent on the producer of the steel.

Sheet Metal T-57 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-57 8017

The purple color happens to be intensely popular with the users of the sheet metal. The durability of the product and its attractiveness makes it stand out most enticingly from other similar products. There is no need to wait for long when you are eager to have it installed ASAP. Call us for assistance when you are in need of a new roof.  

Sheet Metal T-57 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-57 7024

The classic gray color works wonders for residential roofs. It is both durable and pleasing to the eye making it a great choice for various housing projects. Call us immediately to hasten the completion of your project via installation of the perfect sheet metal.

Sheet Metal T-57 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-57 8019

The roofing material of a dark purple hue remains unmatched due to its ability to bear great weights. It can also be installed in a horizontal position making it one of the most versatile components today. Feel free to use it without restraint on roofs containing very little pitch or no pitch at all.  

Sheet Metal T-57 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-57 6020

The green colored sheet metal of the T-57 range is in great demand due to its ability to bear weight. It can also be installed in a horizontal position making it most versatile of all the roofing products available today. It works perfectly when installed on pitch less roofs as well as the ones that have the minimum amount of pitch laid on the surface.

Sheet Metal T-57 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-57 8004

This orange colored sheet metal happens to be extremely durable and is one of the most popular roofing materials available in the market. The product includes a warranty from the manufacturer with the specified period varying according to the related producer of the steel. We carry sheet metals in every color imaginable along with multiple sizes. Simply give us a call if you require further clarification.

Sheet Metal T-57 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-57 3011

The intensely dark red color is highly popular when it comes to installing the T-54 range of sheet metal. Apart from the aesthetics, the product happens to be extremely durable, functioning perfectly throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions. Buying it will give you the added advantage of obtaining a manufacturer’s warranty as per the terms & conditions dependent on the steel producer. You are welcome to clear all your doubts by getting in touch with us.

Sheet Metal T-57 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-57 3005

Red is a color that enhances the spirit. You now have an opportunity of spreading good cheer all around by opting to install the vibrant red sheet metal on your rooftop. However, this particular range is suited to huge roofs and completely apt for installing over the hangers as well as large production units. It is extremely popular at present both because of its color and strength. Call us to secure an appointment and get the answers to the questions that you have had.    

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 8017

The purple colored sheet metal is a great way of enhancing your building. It grabs the attention instantly and enhances the aesthetic appeal. It also happens to be perfect for all kinds of roofing projects. Get in touch with us for satisfying your queries pertaining to the use of sheet metals for your roofing needs. Trained technicians from our team are awaiting your call.

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 8019

We also have the dark purple colored sheet metal in stock at present. However, we can match your desire by providing you with a variety of exciting colors as well as finishes when it comes to obtaining the right sheet metal for your project. The T-35 range is totally apt for all kinds of roofing needs as it comes to you with a superior European steel finish. CLM’s products have attained an unprecedented popularity due to its quality and aesthetic appeal. Be sure to ask us the questions you have in mind. We will be happy to clarify your doubts.

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 7024

The classic gray color stands apart from the other sheet metals in an exemplary manner. Indeed it has pleased both the users as well as the builders greatly on account of its aesthetic appeal. However, it is also hugely functional and can protect any kind of structure from the elements of nature. Feel free to contact us for more information about our products. We will be happy to help.

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 8004

The orange hue blends with the surroundings perfectly enhancing the curb appeal of an area. It is no wonder therefore that the builders aspire to obtain the orange colored sheet metal for their commercial projects. However, the T-35 range works beautifully for industrial and warehouse construction as well. In short, it is the best sheet for building structures with a large roof surface. You are welcome to contact us for further clarification.  

Sheet Metal T-35 Edmonton

Sheet Metal T-35 6020

Featuring a polymeric coasting and the ability to resist corrosion, this green T-35 sheet metal comes highly recommended.

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